Wednesday, January 6, 2021

quilty gifts

I had some great Christmas gifts from my hubby. Probably a big favorite is my new mister for spray starch. He also bought a gallon of best press. I really like how it works. At our last sew in, the hostess made home made spray starch with vodka. It worked great too, but, I wouldn't know my way around a liquor store. I plan on starching everything. haha

best press and mister

I asked for these go dies. I own the studio and usually stick to studio dies, but these were a good deal. And I want to try both of these blocks and patterns. We will see if I am sorry I didn't hold out for the studio dies.

pineapple die

snail's trail die

I hope you received some quilty presents, too. It makes the new year a little more fun.

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  1. I got some GO dies for Christmas this year, too, but neither of the ones you show here. I hope we BOTH make great things with our Christmas gifts in 2021!

  2. I LOVE my pineapple die! I am able to use my 3.5" strips from my scrap users system instead of the size they recommended for "logs". Can't wait to see what you make with this die. I am making a red and green and neutral version for a Christmas quilt. I've seen lots of scrappy versions and it is on my radar also.

  3. Oooo - that is a pretty mister! I laughed about the liquor store comment, because I still remember the look on the store owner's face when I stepped in and said, "I'm clueless about liquor. Can you please get me the largest bottle of the cheapest vodka you have? We don't care how it tastes, just so it's good with ironing." lololol