Wednesday, January 27, 2021

zucherwatte retreat

You may remember here, that I had cut 430  HSTS - ( half square triangles ) and sewn 240 together. At retreat last weekend, I sewed all of them into rows for bonnie Hunter quilt zucherwatte from her book string fling. 

rows 1 and 2

row 3 added

I see I will need to tweak some of the points as I go along.
I was even able to start adding the string HSTS to either side of the rows to make the blocks.

adding string hsts

and the block
I am wishing there was a more even 1/4 inch margin on the outside of the block.
If I had not had lots of conversations with friends at a quilt retreat, I would never have been able to stick to this, and get it this far. I plan on working on zucherwatte until the end of the month and then, I am putting it back into the project closet.

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  1. I've never seen the Zucherwatte pattern before! I think there are a LOT of quilts that only get done because of quilting retreats and quilt bees. The conversation and encouragement of other quilters is like the crowds and water stations along the path of a marathon, cheering you on to the finish line. I love your scrappy fabric mix for this one.

  2. I like to do boring repetitive sewing at quilt retreats too. The conversations make the boring sewing go so much faster. This quilt will be such a beauty, happy stitching!

  3. Pretty pinks! Yep, retreats are perfect for this kind of work, and these quilts are good marinaters, too. So Much Work in them, you get sick of it. But they're so very nice to come back to after a rest from them!

  4. Yes that is a great way to get something done. I usually am flapping my arms or talking with my hands and get very little done. :)

  5. Really good progress on those blocks. I love Bonnie's designs, but sometimes the HSTs are just overwhelming. It was an achievement just to get those all made and trimmmed!

  6. That's a lot of HST's! I like how your using them and can't wait to see the finish.