Wednesday, February 24, 2021

florabunda borders

I had a sew day Saturday for working on my florabunda quilt. I wasn't sure the last time I worked on it, that I would like it. But, I decided to press forward and make a simplified version of Bonnie Hunter's  borders on her quilt. I calculated that I needed 5 1/2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, 3 inch strips, to strip piece what I wanted to do. I had a leftover collection of florals to use.

5 1/2 floral plus 2 1/2 yellow strips

I sewed the second unit with a 2 1/2 in strip of floral, 2 1/2 inch strip of yellow and a 3 inch strip of floral. I sliced everything into 2 1/2 inch units.

I have what I believe will be all the borders made. I miscalculated the length of the smaller piece ( it should have been 3 1/2) so, I will have to trim them.

I like the way it looks with the borders. It is definitely an improvement. I am glad  I kept going

Bonnie Hunter free pattern called Florabunda. 

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  1. I like your border, very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing it attached to the center, happy stitching!

  2. I like this border approach for it. It will look good.

  3. I think this is so pretty, Maggie. The scale of your floral prints is just perfect for this design.

  4. Looking good! Glad you kept with it.

  5. I like your border idea. The yellow checker board was a great way to minimize the business.

  6. I've always liked this pattern, ever since Bonnie first posted about it. Your border pieces are lovely and will really add something special to the quilt.