Tuesday, February 23, 2021

to do: 2 inch scraps

We are melting snow around here.

The scraps are taking over. I have been working on finishing this year, and, that in itself makes scraps. But, since I am not really starting anything new, I am not using scraps much. If it were not for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, I wouldn't be using my scraps at all.

I spent some time cutting scraps into 2 inch strips. I knew my neutrals were getting low, and I had a few pieces not much bigger than that to cut.

I weighed these at 1 pound 14 ounces. Quilted twins keeps track of her cutting this way, and, it is a good reminder of how much even our scraps are worth.
5 yards of fabric @ 10.00 =$50.00. and, it is fun to see everything all nice and cut and ready to be used.

Tonight is quilt guild and I am not sure I am ready for that. We can't meet in our usual location, so I have no idea if the place will be nice or not. If I can see or hear or feel the distances are enough.


  1. I try to keep ahead of the scraps, but I am running out of storage, so maybe I need to make something with them? Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  2. That is quite the ice formation!
    Good for you, getting those scraps cut up into usable sizes.

  3. Wow! Those are some serious icicles! Good work on the scraps - little bits of work on them here and there is great when you're focused on finishes. And yes - I know how doing those adds to the scrap bins! lol

  4. Yes, your icicles are spectacular! I'm running out of storage for my scraps, too. Heck, I'm running out of storage for ALL of my fabric, but does that stop me from buying more? Spoiler alert: NOOOO! ;-)

  5. Great tip about the weight/yardage. We recently had a flooded basement, complements of the temperatures, didn't lose any fabric, but if I had it would be nice to know a dollar amount (PLease don't tell my husband the $ LOL) Thanks from Chicago