Saturday, February 20, 2021

waffling and blue skies

I overdid the yellow waffle stamp blocks , but, that gets me to a larger number already done for the whole quilt. These are very easy to do and a bit addictive.

One of the Ufos I wanted to do for yellow at rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, was Bonnie Hunter blue skies from her book string fling. I made the string blocks during a string basket cleaning in 2016. I was string piecing anything in the book I might want to make while I was playing with strings. Last month, I assembled zucherwatte with pink. After reading that I would have to cut 2,376 HSTS and sew them together, I decided this would be one of the projects on my list that I would not do. That is hard for me. I like to at least believe I will finish what I start. But, I also know I have many great projects started and only so much time. 

The big decision, then, do I repurpose the string blocks as is, or, throw them in the string block bucket. I may have to wait until a blue month to decide.

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

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postage stamp psp20/21

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waffle stamp blocks


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2 pink flannel baby quilts and here


  1. They are addictive. They also make great leader/ender blocks because you can always put two squares together here and there. Happy sewing!

  2. YELLOW Waffles and some strings made for a good week's work, Maggie!

  3. I hear ya on the waffle blocks! I just cut a bunch of 1.5" squares during a zoom call to make more blocks! So fun!
    Love the string blocks!

  4. Yes, they ARE addictive - I’m doing them too. Yours are soooo cute!!

  5. I always love string blocks! You can do so many things with them, even if it isn't what you started out to do.

  6. Waffle stamp blocks seems to be a fun one to make, yours looks pretty. I love string blocks, yours are pretty cute.

  7. 2376 HSTs would deter me too! Your waffle blocks will make a great quilt!

  8. The yellow waffle blocks look so fun and I love your string blocks. I'll wait patiently for Blue Skies.

  9. There are some really fun string projects you could use those string blocks in. Bonnie does seem to really like HSTs. The one up side to that is that I've gotten lots of practice making them. Hope you find a new direction for those blocks.

  10. I made a waffle quilt a few years ago. I was inspired by a vintage one called Roman Stripe so that's what I called mine. There's not many quilts I would make twice but I just might be up for more waffles! Strings are pretty versatile. I'm sure you will figure something out!