Monday, March 15, 2021

crossed strings

I mentioned that my crumby stars had me playing in the strings again. I saw this great idea on Cathy's blog and I had to try it. I started making the long string pieces for the center, but, I couldn't wait to try with the shorter side pieces. Now, I was using mostly crumb pieces, and, I had to piece some strips from shorter pieces to be long enough. I tried eliminating any piece I picked from the basket, either by using in this project, or, sewing them together in another way.

crossed strings

I am a big fan of crumby piecing, and using the most unwanted pieces. I really like the scrappiness of these kinds of quilts, and how completely different each one is. Cathy's quilt seems to have a lot of pink in hers, but, mine, does not. The mystery is fun.

will be the side pieces

Truth be told, I didn't need to start another quilt. Yet, here I am having fun in the strings. I will say there is no hurry to finish, but, we will see just how long I can wait.

free instructions for crossed strings here

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  1. Cute string blocks. I think the white allows all of the strings to play together well. One of these days I'll do another string quilt... but not yet.

  2. That's a great string design, and does look fun to play with! I love how you can use any string piece in something like that.

  3. This would be a perfect Leader/Ender project! Love its scrappiness. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.