Monday, March 1, 2021

more wonky courthouse

I mentioned here that I was cleaning my scrappy work table and started a quilt.... just like that. This will be my third wonky courthouse steps. I haven't even quilted the first two. I have more strings and crumbs than I have time. These go so quickly and are such great fun. I am aiming for 63 blocks this time. I had a basket that I almost emptied, but, it is only one of several. So I filled it again with more.

lots of great leftovers in here

It's time in Indiana for maple syrup. We have a whole week ahead that has the right temperatures predicted.

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  1. Those blocks are a wonderful use of scraps!!

  2. Ooh, Maggie -- just MENTIONING homemade maple syrup makes me want pancakes! Like, an overwhelming urge for pancakes -- the agony!! Your scrappy courthouse blocks look great. Once you have three tops in that pattern, it will be fun to quilt each one differently!

  3. Love your wonky courthouse steps blocks! They do look like fun to make. And homemade maple syrup - yum!

  4. Isn't it amazing how those table scraps just jump into our hands and become something! LOL

  5. Oh, wow! How fun to be able to make your own maple syrup! I'm curious whether it turns out differently from year to year? Or do trees' output stay pretty much the same over time?