Friday, April 30, 2021

almost finishes

With my mojo gone, I have just been tinkering with this and that. I have some almost finishes.

asterix s for the full stop quilt that Angela is doing. I still need to sash and join.

A rug hooking flower mat. I have the flower finished and I am working on the background.

I started making a journal from scraps of cardboard. Now, I need to cover it with something pretty. I think I need to add some gratitudey things as well.

Thursday, April 29, 2021


I woke up one morning and my mojo was gone. I am sure it will come back, I just need to coast a little and, see what happens. Meanwhile, I am slowly working on a few clean up projects. I have a few more blocks for quilted twins free pattern called swingin checkerboard. 

And, I have the quilting done on baby snoopy. This was a project from a retreat in January, I think.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

to do: take it easy

I still have 100 more easy breezy blocks to go for the size I want to make. I am slogging through them each day. I try to make at least 2 per day, but, sometimes I run out of any combinations, and, I go foraging in the scraps to cut for awhile, until, I am tired of cutting.  This may take some time. By now, I have a system for making them.

The tulips have been lovely this year, and, didn't mind the snow storm. I am trying to move the rock back from in front of the red tulips to where you see it. We just can't keep as much weeded and cared for like we used to do. As we get older, we will just have to make things easier for old people to do. As soon as the tulips finish blooming, we will move them as well. Then we will mow in front of the rock with the rest of the yard.

Monday, April 26, 2021

carolina chaining

 I have been working for some time on Carolina chain blocks. I use them as a back up portable project. That makes it difficult to know just where I stand on this project with a little here and a little there. I counted the light squares the end of March here. I cut more of what I thought I needed. I have taken some time to count the dark chains, and, I have enough. It is time to start joining a few squares together.

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book addicted to scraps.

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

stash report April 25, 2021

I found two pieces of fabric at Goodwill this week. And, they look good together. I am always wondering what goes on in the mind of the person sending their fabric to goodwill. Do they not like it, was it leftover from a project, are they moving, quitting, or just downsizing? I try to keep my expected cost of goodwill fabric to 1.00 per yard. Their fabric prices are getting ridiculous for second hand fabric. I can only buy on Senior discount day. These 2 pieces were closer to 1.50 per yard, but, I liked them enough to make the exception.

3 yards

I had a finish last week here, and, can actually count fabric that is used and gone from my stash. yipee.

Stash report April 25, 2021

Fabric Used this week: 6 1/2 yards  floating stars

Fabric Used year to Date: 59 1/2 yards

Fabric Added this week: 3 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 58 1/3 yards

net fabric: 1 1/4 yards used more than bought

I stitched at least 15 minutes every day this week. One day was mostly cutting and straightening. I am trying to make 2 easy breezy blocks every morning.

Last year at this time I did a review of my stash report    I am curious every April, apparently. I am a little behind this year.

I had used  98 yards of fabric in 2020 by April 26
I had used  100 yards of fabric by April 2019
I had used 100 yards of fabric by April 2018

I am done with one of the pumpkins of my Mr. Scarecrow rug hooking project.  I have one more pumpkin to do, then, I will start at the top again and work my way to the bottom.
I've gone to my rug hooking meeting 2 weeks in a row. It is really hard to restart a group setting after a year at home for the pandemic. But, it has motivated me again to hook.

middle pumpkin

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

color blocks

The last Saturday in April and the color blue for rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. That means crunch time. I didn't have that many 2 1/2 inch squares in light blue for the color blocks. I "gasp" had to cut a few squares for variety.

I still had other blues to play at making blocks.

I have the green brackets finished for the full stop quilt that Angela is doing. I still need to work on the asterix for blue. I made 5 green ones. They were easy enough if I want more later.

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

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blue ufos

floating stars and here and here - finished

green ufos

Christmas sparkle and here

epp stars

yellow ufos

yellow boxy star and here and here and here - finished


pink ufos

love pillowcases - finished

2 pink flannel baby quilts and here finished

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Friday, April 23, 2021

floating stars finish

We had a Spring surprise this week...snow and 3-4 inches. It was so pretty. There were big fluffy flakes falling against a blue sky. And it accumulated through the night. Snow in April is much more fun than snow in January. We know it just won't last, and, we can just enjoy it.

I have a finish. The floating stars quilt is finished. It seemed to take forever to just add border and quilt and bind. Now that it is done, I think it will be a gift for a new Grandson coming in May.

finish the top of floating stars. This is my one monthly goal for April. 

It finishes at 42 x 54 and uses 6 1/2 yards of fabric. I started this quilt at a workshop with the crafty old broads from Fort Wayne Indiana in 2017. I didn't finish it back then, because, I couldn't decide about a border. Now, I just want it done. I had enough of the blue in the box for a border and binding. I can share this as part of PHD 2021 at quilting gail. It was also part of the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy for this year and the color of blue for April.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

shirt sandwiches

Sew day was Saturday with the guild. I had a new project I was anxious to start, and, I wanted to get the borders on this scrappy shirt quilt. I had started the string/crumb borders on Friday. When I laid the quilt out to measure, and cut the borders, I didn't like them at all. Which was a great reason to switch to my exciting new project. That was just what I needed to think about the borders for a bit, and, realize I just needed to keep going. Often, I don't like something at one stage and find I like it in the end. fingers crossed

After the first borders were attached, I already liked it better. I didn't get the second set done, until, I returned home. But, I knew I would finish. Now, it will live in the " to be quilted" closet.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

to do : cut shirts

I have been cutting recycled shirts again. I have a few quilts I am cutting, as I go through the shirts. After, those are cut, I am cutting the leftovers into useable sizes. The pile to the right on top is for a brick quilt. I need 70 some and I have 40 some. next going left, any stripes, I am cutting a 4 inch strip for a one block wonder... for someday. next left is 3 1/2 squares. a piece missing from another project,  all the way left is a size big enough to cut for ohio stars.

second row is for the sizes 3 1/2, 2 1/2 , 2, and 1 1/2. I have a quilt started that needs 1 1/2 inch strips for the sashing.
1 pound 5 ounces = 3 1/2 yards at 10.00 = 35.00

And, as always, a shirt seems small, until, I cut so many pieces from just one. Then, I realize I will never use all the shirts I have collected. I have these five shirts are for sale on etsy. If anyone is interested. 

so, I guess my real "to do" is to put all that I have cut away... somewhere.

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Monday, April 19, 2021

new quilt project

I had a great sew day Saturday with our guild. I planned on starting a new project that came recently from Missouri star. I don't remember how I saw this kit, but, I think it was on you tube. The charm squares are from Africa as a free enterprise sort of cooperation with Missouri Star, I don't have anything like this, it looked easy, and it was something new. 

Saturday, I spent a little bit sewing the first round of black to the charm squares. Then, I took a break for sewing borders for a quilt, and lunch.

After lunch, I sewed the second round of black to the charm squares. I am really enjoying this. I will probably save this as a portable project, but, who knows, once the bug hits.......

I looked it up on line.

Ubushobozi Project is a non-profit, vocational skills training organization founded by Jeanne Siporin, Alan Siporin and Laura Boyea in September 2008 in Musanze, Rwanda, Africa. Through education and skills training (sewing, weaving, crocheting and more) Ubushobozi seeks to end the cycle of poverty our girls have experienced throughout their young lives. 

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

stash report April 18, 2021

I went to rug hooking meeting last week for the first time this year. And, I finished the flower part of this project. I was pleased until I saw the picture. I want to rework the tips a bit. I have a great lime green wool for the background. This is my portable project that i can take with me to the meeting. Mr. Scarecrow is big and heavy, so, I am saving him for home.

No change in my stash report this week. I have several quilting projects ready to complete. So, one night I will go to bed, and the next day, I will have a few finishes.  haha

Stash report April 18, 2021

Fabric Used this week:1 1/2 yards 

Fabric Used year to Date: 53 yards

Fabric Added this week: 2 1/3 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 55 1/3 yards

net fabric: 2 1/3 yards bought more than used  

I stitched at least 15 minutes every day this week. I had an guild open sew on Saturday.

I am done with one of the pumpkins of my Mr. Scarecrow rug hooking project

It is time to start the next smaller pumpkin.

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

blue stuff

After sorting through the 2 gallon zip lock bag of blue scraps and cutting into useable sizes for  the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, I had these pieces in the bag that aren't really scraps. They are bigger than 1/4 yard. So, I just folded them and sent them to their homes on the shelves. And, I had the pleasure of an empty plastic bag...... Ready to refill at my leisure.

This week, I decided to build some tiny houses. They are still so fun. I have a million to go before I have a city um quilt.

And, I made the psp 20/21 blocks in blue. I have 40 postage stamp blocks and no idea how I want to put the together.

The medium blue is from a sheet that I used as a back at some point. I enjoy finding little fabric memories in the scraps.

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Christmas sparkle

yellow ufos

yellow boxy star and here and here and here


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Friday, April 16, 2021

sparkle top

After considering adding another row to the Christmas sparkle quilt  a free pattern found here. I made more blocks and added to the top before counting it done. But, now, I need to make the decision to add borders. I have plenty of fabric. IT doesn't seem big on the library floor, but, it does at home when I lay it out to decide.

I am always impatient to visit my favorite greenhouse in the Spring. And as a warning to be patient, it was only 47 degrees. We bought asparagus, cabbage, onions, and Jasmine. I have never seen that before as a plant. I tend to have big plans for the garden each year...... for my hubby.

I am looking forward to a guild open sew this Saturday. I have a new project to start.