Thursday, April 29, 2021


I woke up one morning and my mojo was gone. I am sure it will come back, I just need to coast a little and, see what happens. Meanwhile, I am slowly working on a few clean up projects. I have a few more blocks for quilted twins free pattern called swingin checkerboard. 

And, I have the quilting done on baby snoopy. This was a project from a retreat in January, I think.

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  1. My mojo leaves sometimes too. It's ok to take time to read a book, browse through quilt books and just take it easy. I often spend the time cleaning and organizing my sewing room, fabric storage. My mojo always returns, sometimes it just takes awhile. Maybe this is a good time to work on a rug.

  2. Sorry to hear that your mojo has left you. Here's hoping it returns soon! Thank you for the pattern link to your sweet quilt project, Maggie.

  3. I like the colors in your checkerboard blocks! Looks like you're getting things done even with your sewing mojo kind of low.

  4. Your quilting is so fun on your Wiggle Time quilt. I look forward to seeing the rest. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!