Saturday, April 24, 2021

color blocks

The last Saturday in April and the color blue for rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. That means crunch time. I didn't have that many 2 1/2 inch squares in light blue for the color blocks. I "gasp" had to cut a few squares for variety.

I still had other blues to play at making blocks.

I have the green brackets finished for the full stop quilt that Angela is doing. I still need to work on the asterix for blue. I made 5 green ones. They were easy enough if I want more later.

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

tiny houses

postage stamp psp20/21

ice cream

waffle stamp blocks

color blocks quilt along

blue ufos

floating stars and here and here - finished

green ufos

Christmas sparkle and here

epp stars

yellow ufos

yellow boxy star and here and here and here - finished


pink ufos

love pillowcases - finished

2 pink flannel baby quilts and here finished

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  1. You've been SEW busy making blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!! What's next, Maggie?

  2. I know! Why is it so hard to cut into a chunk? I might need a piece 2.5 x 7”?

  3. Your 16 patches are pretty in all the different blues!

  4. Busy, busy! Love all the shades of the 16 patches. The green brackets look great... I have yet to make my asterisks, too!

  5. Beautiful blue shades in all the 16 blocks. It seems you had a lot of fun this week, Maggie. Happy weekend.