Saturday, April 10, 2021

crumb stars

  I have a 2 gallon zip lock bag of odds and ends and leftovers in blue, that I need to go through before I cut for my projects. waffle stamps were already cut, so, I could sew them for last week easily. I always enjoy an evening sorting and cutting scraps. Anything less than a fat quarter, I cut into my scrap user's sizes.

2 pound 5 ounces = 6 1/2 yards = $60.00

From chunks I cut 2 1/2 inch HSTS - ( half square triangles ) for my crumb stars. I made 6 crumb blocks so I needed 48 HSTS. I was lazy and used the same fabrics - not much variety.

I made the crumb centers from what I could find in the string/ crumb basket in blue. This time I found enough for 6. I am sure I will find more later when blue is called for again. These stars are a fun way to use the smallest pieces.

While I was looking for blue, I started a tray of other colors of crumbs for future crumb stars. I wish I had thought of this earlier.

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  1. Looking through our scraps can certainly take some time. You've made a good start on blue sewing.

  2. Love the improv crumb stars, very unique way to make use of the scraps. Using everything, amazing how we do that.

  3. Oh, I love those crumb stars! Such a great idea.

  4. I love those crumb stars! Great idea to make a whole bunch of HSTs for them all at the same time.

  5. Your blue crumb star looks beautiful. Love this block.

  6. Sorting scraps by color does help with making RSC blocks, Maggie. Nice work on your Crumb Stars!!

  7. Love those crumb blue stars. I love sewing scraps into larger pieces, but hard to come up with quilt ideas.

  8. Very nice RSC blocks. Why do we always have great organizational ideas after the fact? Oh well, better late than never! Have a great week!