Tuesday, April 6, 2021

to do :antique blocks

 As I have been cleaning and reorganizing, I have decided it is time to release some of my antique/ vintage quilt pieces into the wild.  etsy here I can't believe how hard it is to let them go. I feel I have to recue all the unwanted blocks in the world. The first blocks have some machine piecing, using old indigo blues. I think the machine stitching looks like a treadle stitch. I bought them at a quilt show some time ago. There are 9 blocks at 11 1/2 inches.

I have 17 of these blocks in my etsy here They have some hand stitching, and some machine piecing, 12 1/2 inches . Again, I think it is treadle stitching. I love the make do these antique blocks have. 

I have this wooden handmade featherweight frame to slant the machine for better visibility. I tried it and liked it, but, I use my featherweight as a portable machine, and, I need to keep the bag as empty as possible. It is for sale on etsy here.


  1. Sometimes we have to admit, we can't make them all. Thanks for linking up today!

  2. It's hard to let go of something we love, but sending it off to be finished is a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.