Monday, May 31, 2021

sea swept again

I feel like a broken record.... sea swept, easy breezy, aunt eliza.. repeat. I am really trying to stick to these and making progress however small. Our Friday group met again... on Friday... and I have a new batch of sea swept blocks finished.  I really like making these. I need to cut more background if I am to continue. I only work on these on Friday. I need 42 blocks to do the pattern. I think I have 20 +.

My friend Linda is making her sea swept with the smaller blocks and paper piecing. We had a chance to compare. Mine ( bottom right) is bigger. I was surprised by how much it is bigger. I am cutting the pieces and piecing them.

Linda's 3 and mine

I am linking:


  1. But repeating them is how a quilt gets made! I like seeing the two sizes. Her's aren't all that much smaller. I'm looking forward to seeing the flimsy... and the finished quilt....

  2. The sea swept blocks look great! Your red blocks for the RSC challenge are so vivid, red is such a fun color to sew with. Congrats on all the scrap usage over the last couple of years, you've gotten some beautiful quilts from them.

  3. What an interesting comparison! Yours look so large compared with hers yet in the first photos to me they are just the perfect size! Love your color choices too. Keep going, you got this! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.