Tuesday, May 18, 2021

to do: plant something

This has been such a fun, fun project this Spring. We ordered this raised bed from Amazon. I was hoping to get something for our older gardening years. Why is it that we are getting shorter, but, the ground is getting further away. We filled the bottom with sticks followed by wood chips from the recycle place, and, then, topped it with compost from the bulk compost place. It came in a box and hubby had to assemble it. The hardest part was deciding where to put it. We aren't going to ever move it once it is full.  Hubby deeded the planting to me. Oh the possibilities.

before compost

should I name it?

Quilting has taken a backseat to my new adventure, but, I have kept up with 2 easy breezy blocks every day.


  1. Your planter looks like the water tanks we use for the cattle. After many years of use, the usually spring a leak. Maybe I should consider converting one of them into a planter. Happy gardening!

  2. Will you plant flowers or veggies in your new raised bed? I like the stripes in your Easy Breezy blocks!

  3. As a long-time, very avid-gardener, I love to see people grow anything! You can fit so much in a little space! If you love to cook, maybe a few herbs, a pepper plant or two? Lettuces? I'd suggest a tomato but that would take a lot of your space...then again, if you love them why not? A trellis or cage would expand the space up as well! (Sorry, you prob already have it all planned out but I get excited!)

  4. Looks you've got like a fun new project! I've been planting this week, too. Meanwhile, Easy Breezy blocks seem like the perfect quick sewing to do each day.

  5. Hi,
    Love the new pot...have fun deciding what
    to put in it. Love those Easy Breezy blocks,
    so colorful. Have a great day!

  6. I love the look of your blocks.
    Have fun gardining.

  7. I have such a not green thumb!! Good luck on your adventure. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  8. What a lovely raised bed container. Can't wait to see what you put into it. We do a mix of containers and garden beds. The containers lean towards veggies and herbs. This year cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and basil.

    Amazing how committing to even two blocks in a day adds up. Yours should produce a charming quilt.