Monday, June 7, 2021

more sea swept

I have been making 7- 10 sea swept blocks every Friday with my quilt group. I have collected a nice size pile. I thought I would take an accounting and decide where to go from here. I was pleasantly surprised to realize I have 38 made. and 7 in process with 2 rounds. I need 42. This pattern calls for a sashing that will make a wonderful star. The pattern is also for paperpiecing. And the finished piece is smaller than what I am doing. SO, I will need to "invent" what I will need for my block. I think it is time for some paper doodles and math before I can go on with the project.

I obviously miscounted the cutting. I still have a lot of pieces left over. Do I make it bigger? and maybe skip the sashing? Decisions and decisions


Do I wish that I had not pieced my own block so that I could just follow the pattern? Nope, I prefer piecing over paper piecing any day. And I love the blocks I am making.

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  1. I prefer piecing over paper piecing too. I'm paper pieced challenged, I think. I also like quilts made with the Snail Trail block but for some reason that is one block I don't like to make. Gosh, your Sea Swept is going to be a beauty no matter how it is made!

  2. Lovely blocks! I'm with regrets. Can't wait to see what you decide about the sashing. They sure look great, with or without the little stars. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. I have a quilt that uses those same blocks but I am still struggling to find the perfect fabrics for it. I'm clearly too picky.