Tuesday, June 1, 2021

to do: cut more easy breezy

I needed to cut more squares for easy breezy. I have found as many matches of 4 as I can in my 2 inch square drawer. Now, I have to cut from strips and chunks. I like this part. It can be done leisurely while watching TV in the evening. I take a 2 inch strip from the drawer, fold it in half, slice 2 inches twice, and the pile grows. I didn't count, so, I hope this will get me finished.

I am getting closer to having enough of these blocks. They have become a part of my morning, and, I wonder if I should just keep making them.... forever.


  1. Your blocks look very nice. How many have you made so far?

    I've been making 8" finished easy breezy blocks this year, they're so fun and fast to make. So far I've pieced enough for 2 quilts. I'll piece enough for 1 more then I'll quit using the yellow cornerstones but I will keep making more blocks for next year. I'm really making a dent in the 2.5" strip box! Happy stitching!

  2. I like your blocks! I've been making 4-patch Irish chains that resemble those. Seems like it will take me forever to get enough for a quilt.

  3. I've felt that way before, when something is really enjoyable that is love for it to go on forever! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.