Saturday, June 5, 2021

waffle stamp blocks in purple

Purple is the color for June at the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I really like purple. I grabbed the purple bag of 1 1/2 inch strips and cut for several waffle stamp blocks. I need a piece that is at least 17 inches to get 3 -5 1/2 rectangles. Then, the fun begins.  I had enough center pieces made ahead for this batch of waffle stamp blocks. I still have a few purple sets that are not done, that I can make after I make some center strips of 1 1/2 inch squares or strips.

At this point, I have all the blocks cut. I have almost 100 sewn. I thought I would sew a few sets of 4 blocks to see how the quilt will go together. I was outside taking a picture of Aunt Eliza star quilt top progress and took a picture of the groups of four.

I also took a picture of my raised garden bed with my babies growing. So far I am really liking the raised bed and hope to add more of them, but it is still too soon to invest in that. I bought it for my hubby to help with the getting up and down in the garden. He gave the planting to me, as a way to get me to help more.haha

I have onions around the outside, radishes at the left, and green beans and peppers in the center. They seem happy, Even though our weather has been cold for a few days. I have a soaker hose wound around the bed that I can turn on in the morning if I need to water. 

the rest of the garden is on the ground and hubby does most of that. And He can get pretty creative with trellises. He grew many of the plants from seed in the basement under lights. We will definitely do that again next year.

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  1. Such cute little waffle blocks! The garden is looking good too

  2. Good start to PURPLE month, Maggie!!

  3. Nice blocks! I love your garden and the raised bed idea. I have an old water tank the heifers used to drink from until it sprang a leak. I normally use it to start chicks in the spring, to keep them contained and to keep them close to the heat lamp. Maybe it's time to think about repurposing that tank? Happy stitching!

  4. Your waffle stamp blocks in purple are so pretty! Looks like your garden is doing well, too. I like the soaker hose idea!

  5. I admire your gardening efforts! It’s not an activity I enjoy! I did plant 4 tomatoes in pots on the patio! And I have a small strawberry patch that I share with the birds!
    Lots of great purples in your blocks this morning!

  6. Wonderful waffle blocks! Great idea to sew them into sets of 4s. I have quite a pile done, but not anywhere near 100!

  7. The waffle stamp blocks sounds like fun blocks to make. Your purple waffles are great. I like the 4 blocks together. Well done Maggie.
    Stay safe and happy weekend.

  8. Oh, what fun! Waffles and creative gardening!

  9. What a nice garden! Your hubby's trellises are useful and decorative. And one hundred waffle blocks, wow! Another great scrap quilt.

  10. Soon you'll have a couple quilts finished AND a delicious salad!