Wednesday, June 9, 2021

what I am working on

 Do you know what stinging nettle is? It is a mean little weed that has spines all over it's stems and leaves, and, if you touch them, it injects a little bit of acid into your skin for a day's worth of burning and itching. Sometimes rubbing a maple leaf over it will neutralize the effect. When we bought our property 30 years ago, we had a forest of stinging nettles and burdock to clean out. We have worked very hard to eliminate most of them. So this year, I have watched youtube videos about gardening and herbs, and, they are saying stinging nettle tea is great for arthritis and inflammation. What? I did some research....

I definitely wore gloves to gather them. I still had an elbow get bit. I dried them and sure enough, I could touch them and crumble them.

The tea tastes like eating hay, so I mixed it with peppermint. Hubby isn't cured yet, but, who knows...
Life is an adventure.

I have made progress on several of my ongoing projects.

easy breezy

scrappy snowball

shirt anvils


  1. Thank you for the information on the stinging nettle - wonder if it will work? I hope so! Pretty blocks!

  2. Stinging nettle for arthritis? Who knew?!?
    Oh, those plaid anvil blocks really talk to me.

  3. Fingers crossed that the stinging nettle helps bring relief! Love your scrappy blocks. Thanks for sharing them on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. Pretty scrap blocks.
    Hope the tea helps.

  5. I always enjoy seeing what you do with scraps, you have such a way with them. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us!

  6. Your Easy Breezy blocks are so pretty !
    You know what they say about herbal tea..” if it tastes bad, that’s good!” Now fingers crossed that there is relief!

  7. Love the designs and colors, I love how the pattern ideas are put together. You are amazing. Hope to have this kind of wrap las vegas I’m definitely going to have to start following some of these blogs .I will visit once more.