Monday, August 16, 2021

sink or swim at retreat

Oh my - my retreat story. I just couldn't find a project to work on except my sea swept quilt. And I was closing in on finishing all the blocks I would need. But, I thought it would just take a couple of hours. Silly me, thinking I needed another project.  Just as I finished sewing 388 triangles to 97 diamonds, and began to trim them, Someone asked me what I was making. So I showed her my snails trail blocks and how this was the sashing.   And, Oh no,  they were too small for the block. I had chosen the wrong size on the template. aack and phooey. It took a minute.... or two  to decide this block was not going to defeat me.

all for another quilt someday

Luckily, I had used Kona snow for the background. I only had a 6 inch strip left. I ran to Joann fabrics and bought another 2 yards. And I cut the diamonds again in the bigger and hopefully right size.

97 diamonds

But at this point I had used all my optimism and wanted to work on something else. So I mindlessly sewed 2 1/2 inch shirt pieces for 4 patches. Am I getting too confused to quilt? etc. Maybe but, I will go out making mistakes if that is what it takes. So, I wanted to at least get the triangles cut before I went home for the night. Luckily, I still had batiks to use for the triangles.

tada- 388 cut

Big difference

This time, I decided I would make 10 a day until I made them all.  I was to retreat bright eyed and bushy tailed. And made the first 10. That wasn't so bad.

4 x 8 inches before trimming

big difference again. How did I make such a mistake? 

By the time I went home, I had 50 made. whew


  1. Those diamond blocks are so pretty - even the small ones. You could put all the small ones together and make a baby quilt just using them. I'm sure you'll find a good use for them.

  2. Loving your color scheme, Maggie. SEW sorry about the sizing issue! Thank goodness you still had more fabric to correct make the correct size.

  3. It's easy to make a mistake like that, even after all the years we've been piecing quilts! Now you have blocks for another quilt, happy stitching!

  4. I love the colors in your Sea Swept quilt. It will all come along, one seam at a time, one block at a time, one row at a time, and before we know it we'll be looking at another gorgeous finished quilt from you! And of course I can totally relate to the sizing error, having made a similar mistake on my son's kaleidoscope a few months ago. On Thursday, when we move him into his dorm, we'll see HOW MUCH too small his quilt is for the XL Twin dorm bed. I hope it doesn't look silly!

  5. Oh no - that is a big oh no! But now you'll have a bunch of those diamonds for another quilt. I'm glad it was easy to find the Kona snow!

  6. Your blocks turned out good. I hope to be making the same blocks in a few weeks.

  7. Your diamonds are just beautiful and will work wonderfully for another quilt.

  8. Pretty fabrics! Now I am worried about my retreat coming up in Sept. Maybe I need to take back ups to my back up projects? LOL Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

  9. So disheartening to realize mistakes like that! You are using such a pretty color palette, and it is extra pretty in batiks.
    I had an experience at a class with Bonnie Hunter where I found out that the cutting I had stayed up late to do the night before to be prepared was all the wrong size.

  10. So sorry you ran into trouble! On the up side you got fifty done which is a lot and oh those colors! So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.