Monday, September 6, 2021

chain upside down

Something is not right here. I was pinning the next three rows from the bottom of Carolina chain and it didn't look right. I was watching TV so, it must have been a great show, that I bungled the direction of the rows. haha

I knew I was working from the bottom, but, I pinned as though it was from the top. Then, the angles of the setting triangles were off and the lengths were wrong. Such a rookie mistake. Back to the book and diagram and another round of pinning, sewing, and it was finally together.

Jumping back and forth from top and bottom may not be the best idea.  But, I am avoiding the longest rows for as long as I can

the smaller row will go to the last row on the bottom - oops I see a block turned wrong too

 I cut Carolina chain in 2017. It is from the the book addicted to scraps by Bonnie Hunter. It was also in the quilltmaker  magazine, June/ July 2010

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  1. Sewing mistakes that are easily remedied are so much better than noticing late in the game! Lots of great colors in your blocks.

  2. Ha! I've done the same with a diagonal-set top! Started both corners, avoiding the loooong middle. What a mistake! I think that top was on the design wall for several months before I bit the bullet and got back to it. Lesson learned!