Monday, September 13, 2021

more snails trails

I really believe my creative process has helped me throughout my life to provide for my family and to give me the confidence I needed to face struggles. I am so grateful for great role models and teachers. I love learning new skills and information. It makes life an adventure. I hope you all get your sew on or whatever you enjoy doing.

I have the last sections of sea swept together. I can start to see it as a quilt. I need to join sections and see what it looks like in my fabrics. I am very excited.

I am adding fishies to the pile as I work on other projects. This is a quick and easy block compared to the last few leader/enders from quiltville.

here  fishy fishy

I can't believe fall is in the air already. we have 2 weeks to our quilt show, and, tomatoes are still coming.

I am linking:


  1. Love the sea swept blocks! And the enrollment in your school of scrappy fish is coming along well.

  2. Your snails trail is a beauty!! Fabulous colors.

  3. Wow I really like the combination of the snail trail and the tri rec star

  4. Hi Maggie,
    Live the quote! I will use it for inspiration. Your snails trail is coming along beautifully. I love the block and it is on my “lifetime list” of quilts to make. Curves without curved pieces, my kind of quilt. Hugs, Judy

  5. Sea swept and fishes--definitely a water theme here, and it all looks good.

  6. Sea Swept is so beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing it come together. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.