Wednesday, October 20, 2021

boho heart

 I took pictures of our last Friday group - I don't always remember. Linda was missing. I believe we are on week 7 of Boho heart. I have just finished week 4. I am not a big fan of making one block at a time. I prefer chain piecing - start sewing and keep going.

Sue's red and purple version

My rainbow version

We have been harvesting longevity spinach. This is new to us this year. And it is a prolific plant. Nothing killed it. And it didn't bolt like regular spinach.  We didn't like it cooked plain like spinach. So we have frozen some for soups and stews. We have dehydrated some. It has more vitamin C than citrus and has a slew of other vitamins, but it tastes very green - if that is a taste. I think we will bring a sprig in and grow it over winter, and, try it again next year. Oh it was yummy cooked with bacon and onions.

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  1. What an interesting spinach! You've peeked my curiosity with this one. Nice to see the contrast between your two quilts. Can't decide which one I like best but right now I'm loving the rainbow. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.