Saturday, October 9, 2021

green houses

 Just a little sewing for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. They are not very limey, but, it won't matter in the big picture. I seem to be behind, mentally, on the rainbow sewing.

I am linking to:

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

tiny houses

postage stamp psp20/21

ice cream

waffle stamp blocks

color blocks quilt along

crumb stars

purple Ufos

zuckerwatte finished

red ufos

aunt Eliza star - finish

blue ufos

floating stars and here and here - finished

green ufos

Christmas sparkle and here

epp stars

yellow ufos

yellow boxy star and here and here and here - finished


pink ufos

love pillowcases - finished

2 pink flannel baby quilts and here finished


  1. Angela said LIME, but I'm sure Light and/or Bright GREEN is perfectly fine. You are accomplishing the main goal of USING your scraps, so that's the important part, Maggie!!

  2. They're always cute, no matter what color you make them in!

  3. The houses look great. I fell behind a bit this year too, but I can always add to them next year!

  4. More cute little houses, wonder how many you have now?

  5. I guess behind mentally is better than behind physically!

  6. Sweet houses. Any progress is a step forward. Good job!