Monday, October 11, 2021

scrappy mountain majesties ufo

For  my Friday quilt group, I dug out another UFO with the intent to move it along. It is always fun to open the project box and stare at a puzzle. My paper work says I started in 2016 and that all the blocks are sewn. It was planned as a boy donation quilt.


Each individual block was sewn but, I needed to sew them into bigger blocks, which I did.

Somehow I ended up with unmatched extra blocks. I saw two options. Make a smaller quilt with what I had, or, go bigger and cut some more. I didn't have any more of the background fabric, so, I decided to go bigger enough that a plain muslin will look planned if I mix it in with the others. I like bigger quilts anyway.

This is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern available at Quiltville called scrappy mountain majesties.

Judy's new quilt top

I have 5 quilts I am focusing on right now 

1. sea swept just needs backing and binding and a turn on the longarm.   -done

2. fish school

3. scrappy mountain majesties is an older UFO I want to get to the top stage

4. boho heart is a QAL with my Friday quilting friends

5. and labels and prepping my quilts for the quilt show  -done

I have 2 done and can add in 2 more quilts to add to the list - oh the possibilities.

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  1. Good for you to move an old UFO forward. Looks like your plan to work on 5 projects is moving forward too.

  2. Good progress on the "boy" quilt. I think the muslin will blend in with the other backgrounds just fine. It is always encouraging to me to see others moving their UFOs along. Good job! Hugs, Judy

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how you lay out Fish School. I didn’t do those blocks, but they are cute!

  4. Made a majestic mountain about 4 years ago and really enjoyed it! Have fun and good luck on the to-do's!

  5. Love the fabrics in scrappy mountain majesties. Your projects sound so interesting - looking forward to seeing them!
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!

  6. You are so organized! No wonder you get so much done. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.