Monday, November 15, 2021

5 quilts November 15

 Hubby and I attended a small quilt show in Indy Saturday, It was a great little trip that put us in Indy. It has been awhile since we have been to the "big" city and it was a bit overwhelming. The traffic and massively growing areas were surprising. We hardly recognized the place. 

We stopped at a quilt store that I enjoy, and I was sad to see the cost of fabric has really increased. There was no shortage of options, and the store was busy. Now that we are retired, we avoid most places on the weekend, so it was a little hectic to us. I am glad I have "curated" a stash to play with at home, and I don't feel the need to buy pricey fabric. But, I wonder what impact that will have on new quilters and the industry.

My 5 quilts progress report.

1.checkered past -All the blocks are together and I am planning a piano key border. I can use the leftover bits and clean up some scraps at the same time. The sashing acts as the inner border. no change at all from last week... none

2. fish school - this is a year long project for the quiltville leader/ender challenge. I am keeping up with a few each week. I had sewn all I had, so, I needed to cut some more. There should be 150 hsts in this stack = 50 blocks. The next time I cut, I will need to start with strips.

3. scrappy mountain majesties - I have all the rows done and I am starting to join the rows. There are a lot of seams to match - a lot

4. boho heart -I am trying to concentrate on the blocks and strips I need for the first section of group 1. Then, I can assemble them. In my quilt they will be pink and red.

5. tiger quilt - the top is finished and I am working on the back and binding. I like to have that all ready before I send it to the "to be quilted" closet. It is small 38 x 44.

so much fun.

My next on the longarm

1. on the go - donation quilt - is quilted- needs to be bound

2. wonky courthouse - hunter - need to piece a back and prepare the binding

3. hourglass leader ender challenge - hunter

4, end of the rainbow rsc

5. row rainbow rsc

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  1. Pretty colors in your Boho heart blocks! The little tiger quilt is turning out to be adorable, too. Great way to add borders to that center section!

  2. I loved the Columbus to Bloomington area when we visited back in the early 2000s, but we never got as far as Indy. Glad you were able to find a shop and "curate". I peeked at your post about Checkered Past and love that quilt! And thank you for the link to all of Quilted Twins free patterns! Your little Tiger quilt is adorable.
    You've done so well on your list, and thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday!

  3. I like that little quilt on the bottom. I have some panels that would be great with the strip borders around the edge.

  4. Great progress this week. Loving Mountain Majesties! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.