Wednesday, November 17, 2021

a few snails trails

I have neglected my sewing projects lately, and I wondered if it was because I need to do a little more recreational sewing. It has to be fun or who wants to do it. Setting goals is still a great idea until it seems like work. SO, I grabbed a bit of my work in progress sewing and made a few snails trail blocks using recycled shirts. I used all the pieces I had cut. It felt good to just sew.

still making easy breezy blocks in 1 1/2 in

We have harvested the last of the hot peppers. I sliced them and dehydrated them. They were noxoius. I was prepared with double mask and gloves - my favorite accessories haha. I have enough hot peppers for a long time. 
slice and dice

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  1. Snails trail blocks using recycled shirts are pretty.

  2. Those recycled shirts made the best snail trail blocks ever!

  3. Those peppers must be hot when you have to double glove! Meanwhile, your blocks look great. It must have been wonderful to just sew. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.