Saturday, November 27, 2021

more full stop blocks

I have a few period blocks for the full stop quilt that Angela is doing for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I am not joining them, until, I start assembling the top. I am still missing one row, but, I am not sure which one. I would like to see if I can keep going on this one instead of putting it in the ufo closet. But, rhododendron mystery at quiltville has officially started and I will turn some attention to that. I still want to keep going on my 5 quilt project, so, we will see.

I am looking at what I might want to make next year for the rainbow scrap challenge. I want to make a string candy quilt, but, I am not sure I have enough strings in each colorway.

 I have at least decided that I am retiring my tiny houses to the ufo closet. I have 240 of them at 3 inches. I can make a small quilt now, or I can make more later for a bigger quilt. I have worked on them for 2 years and I am ready for a break.

I have moved the full stop quilt  and the color blocks quilts to the regular cue and not specifically for the rainbow

I haven't taken an account of the psp 20/21 blocks to know what I want to do. or crumb star blocks. I enjoy the clean up that can happen at the end of the year, as I put some projects away and make way for new projects.

I have been bad with the seasonal sales at Joann fabric and missourri star. There is no more room on the shelves for any more fabric, and I have enough scraps tucked here and there to last a life time. 

Oh, one goal for next year is to eliminate 12 jelly rolls. I have started looking for quick patterns. Any great ideas?

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  1. Happy holiday weekend Maggie. Jordon fabrics and Missouri Star both have lots of videos to use up jelly rolls. I want to do one by Donna Jordon with Dart in the title. It uses a jelly food and a 1 1/2 roll of a solid. Violet Withey

  2. Great job getting the projects organized and ready for next year. I'm trying to do the same here. It might happen, if I didn't just keep starting something new.

  3. Missouri Star quilt company has a tutorial for a Ribbon Stars quilt that I made. It turned out great and looked like more work than it was. As a bonus, it doesn't have any bias edges. I'm thinking of making it again to use up Christmas Jelly Roll strips.

  4. I am also on the end of the year clean up plan. I was thinking of using 2.5 inch strips for HST stars in all of the colors of the rainbow. It would be a great way to use up a jelly roll and prep a stack of leaders and enders.

  5. Nice progress on your Full Stop quilt, Maggie! I'm not blaming you one bit for putting your tiny houses away. Two years is a LONG time to (steadily) work on a project! Best of luck on 2022 being the Year of the Jelly Roll. I'm sure you will find fun things to make with them!

  6. I've got my Full Stop periods ready to sew together, too. It will be fun to see how you decide to put this one together!

  7. I've enjoyed seeing your Tiny Houses and in fact, fully intend to make them one of these days too. But all things in their time I say. There are lots of projects for Jelly rolls so good luck with finding THE one for you to love.