Wednesday, November 24, 2021

recreational sewing

The more I concentrate on finishes, the more I need recreational sewing in addition. I haven't been in a hurry to finish these 2 projects. They are mostly cut, and all I need to do is sit and sew. They are not part of my goals to finish them yet. Other wedding ring blocks here

wedding ring

More anvil blocks
I am using recycled shirts for this quilt. Anvil

Wishing everyone a grateful and happy thanksgiving

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  1. Balancing finishes with other projects is all part of the fun. Looks like you are making nice progress.

  2. Hurray for recreational sewing! Sometimes it's about a goal, other times it's about the process. And always, it's cheaper than therapy!

  3. Most of the time, recreational sewing is all I do. . . sometimes, I'm under a deadline. . .but spending time in my space makes me happy. I'm glad you are making progress. Those wedding ring blocks are cool!

  4. Great that you have projects that make your goals easier to achieve! Love those wedding ring blocks. So pretty! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.