Saturday, December 18, 2021

red letter day

 I have the next word for my rsc project - this time in red.

can you believe 2021 is almost over? Time has flown and now for some odd reason, people are asking me if I am ready for Christmas. Christmas? what? umm no.

easy breezy - 1 1/2 in

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  1. Love the red "letters"! This year has just zipped by for me too. Happy Holidays!

  2. Christmas around here is pretty much just another day like the others in the calendar.

    Those little Easy Breezies are so cute.

  3. Adding the date is a good idea, Maggie. SEW looking forward to seeing your project come together!

  4. Hi Maggie, love your red numbers....I'm with you...ready? Christmas? Maybe by the 24th lol. Have a great Christmas, ready or not!