Friday, December 17, 2021

too many circles

This project is from 2012 when we had a local quilt shop in town. They held this quilt as a free block of the month. I had all the blocks at the end of the program done, but didn't decide how to put it together, so it went to the time out closet. I used a random number generator for this ufo project. It is time to make some decisions.

I apparently planned a sashing but there is no other piece of that fabric. There is a pretty aqua fabric in the box, that I might use.

I made these little drunkards path blocks for the border. I am using this Ufo as the 5th quilt in my 5 quilts plan. I am really looking forward to playing with this quilt again. I was really excited that I had attempted this classic block when it was offered.


  1. THis will be fun to watch come together!

  2. Such pretty spring like colors in the midst of our winter! Well, I guess technically it’s not even winter yet. Feels like it here though. This should be fun!

  3. I have made one or two drunkard path blocks over the years. . .some day, I might be brave and make a bunch of blocks as you did. Your blocks are wonderful. I look forward to seeing what they become!

  4. Loving those colors, cant wait to see its finish.