Sunday, January 23, 2022

stash january 23 2022

 This week I worked on the last of the scraps from the  scrap bucket I am trying to tame. These scraps weighed  6 ounces which is almost a yard of fabric. I cut some 3 1/2 inches, then 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2 and the rest went into a chunks bucket. It has helped to keep me from buying more of anything. Next week will be a challenge. We will have our guild meeting and there might be a free table. what will I do?

stash report January 23, 2022

fabric added -0 yards  still haven't added any!

fabric added year to date -0 yards

fabric used 21 yards -end of rainbow finish + 1 yard sent to goodwill

fabric used year to date 51 yards

51 yards used more than bought. I am starting the year ahead on using fabric. 

I sewed 4 days last week

I have my hexie project out again, trying to reorient myself to what little bits I could be adding on quiet winter evenings. I am always surprised how much I like it when I get started again.

15 min to stitch at life in pieces



  1. I am amazed at the amount of yardage you have used so far this year. I really like that hexie quilt.

  2. Your hexies are lovely. I need to start using my numerous scraps! Happy stitching!

  3. Free - duh! Next time take in the equivalent of what you brought home. Think of it as exchanging it for something you like better.

  4. good luck with taming the scraps. It's a never ending battle.

  5. Your hexis looks amazing. It sounds like you have been very busy in your scrap bin. Have a great week and happy quilting.

  6. Yeah for no fabric in and lots out. You've done really well on the stash management so far this year. May no one tempt you during the guild meeting.

  7. 51 yards, wow, well done. I love your hexies too, such a pretty project.
    Thank for sharing and linking up!

  8. You inspire us all. I am not cutting scraps into two wha two and a half inch squares. It can be addictive, my son last night asked when am Was the lights going to be turned off? It was almost ten pm! Beautiful Hexie quilt