Sunday, January 16, 2022

stash report jan16 2022

I found these lovilies in a scrap bucket I am trying to tame. I am not sure why a piece of yardage was in the bucket, unless there was a mass cleanup and everything went into a bucket. The rest of the scrap bucket had mostly really small pieces.

I sorted the scraps into piles of pieces that were big enough to cut of 10 in, 5 inch, strips, and chunks. I've only recently started cutting 10 inch pieces.

only 1 piece at least 10 inches.

After I cut the 10 inch piece I threw the left and right pieces into the strip pile.

stash report January 16, 2022

fabric added -0000000yards  still haven't bought any! or brought home any scraps - a new record

fabric added year to date -0000000yards

fabric used 22 yards -hourglass leader/ ender finish

fabric used year to date 30 yards

30 yards used more than bought. I am starting the year ahead on using fabric. 

I sewed at least an hour every morning last week. It was good to get back to my projects after a few weeks of the flu.

 I finally worked on vivians rug and I did the peach color to the bottom left. By my count, I have done everyone's rug, so, I just wait until mine comes home to work on the background and border.  I have another rug ready to start, so I might work on that first, or when I am bored with my sheep rug.

vivians rug - I am the peach

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  1. Are you expecting to buy 1000000 yards in one year? That's a lot of 0, you are planning wide ;)) I love this piece of fabric, sweet sheeps. Well done with the friends' rugs, I hope you will get yours soon to progress on it.
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  2. I like the sheep fabric and the sheep rug. I hope you get your own rug back soon to work on it.

  3. So glad you finally beat the residual flu malaise. You've done well with both stash management and stitching time so far this year. Hope this week is as good on both fronts.

  4. The sheep fabric is really cute, happy stitching!

  5. Those sheep rugs have been fun to see each week! Can’t wait to see yours when it comes back to you! You are doing well with your stash reduction!

  6. Wow that is a great stash report. Keep it up. Mine is the opposite, so you bring balance to the world. And you are doing great getting the scraps into control.

  7. You have certainly gotten off to a fabulous start in 2022! Your sheep rug is looking good! I'm eager to see the one that is actually yours! You've inspired me to attack my scraps as well. Red scraps are cut and on the "waiting to be sewn up" table. :)

  8. It must feel great to be rid of the flu and be back sewing every day again. LOVE those little sheep.

  9. Cute sheep fabric! congrats on lots of time in the sewing room.