Wednesday, February 23, 2022

scraps time

I decided it was time to dig out another box of scraps and work on taming them. I adore my scraps and I almost feel guilty taking the time to play with them. But, it does create roadblocks to production if they aren't corralled from time to time. I had a low energy evening, a perfect time to sit and sort. This time I decided I wasn't cutting 10 inch squares until I have actually used them. I divided what was in the box into 2 piles. I had one pile of anything I thought would be at least 5 inches, and pieces that could be strips.

5 inch box

strip box

It took another evening to cut the 5 inch box. I was surprised at how many I cut. I didn't count but the stack is a little over 4 inches. They weighed 10 ounces = about 2 yards

This box of scraps was very wrinkled and most of the scraps needed a pressing. That is when I realized how much I depend on  my wool pressing mats. I own 3- one that is upstairs next to my sewing machine, one that is next to my treadle in the living room, and a small one in my sewing machine bag that I take to my group sews. Oh, and my ironing board in my sewing room is covered by a wool blanket. My hubby made it for me in 2017. I just feel the pressing is better on a wool mat.

My favorite tools for scraps

1. stripology ruler
4. wool pressing mats

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  1. I can't wait to see what you make with your scraps!

  2. I can't wait to see what you make with your scraps!

  3. never ending scraps LOL I've not been home in weeks, but I have plenty of scraps here at my mom's now!

  4. It's so satisfying to get them all cut into the right sizes, isn't it! Ready to use now :) xx

  5. Nice job on taming those scraps, Maggie!

  6. That's a lot of scrap wrangling!

  7. Great idea to trim down and organize your scraps from time to time! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  8. I agree with you about keeping the scraps under control. I have made SO many projects since I started cutting scraps into squares and strips. It's worth the time it takes.