Wednesday, February 16, 2022

WIP progress

I am working on clue 6 of rhododendron trail mystery quilt from quiltville. I cut the yellow pieces from my 2 1/2 inch strip bin to size, but, I just used WOF, or close to that, of neutrals. They will naturally be cut to the right size when I subcut. That saved me one step.

I cut the red pieces too.

Another early morning and I might be ready to make a block. 

I started sewing the  dart -a free pattern jelly roll quilt into rows at my Tuesday group. All the strips start the same and then, a different size piece is added to the right and the left to make it wave. There is a chart to follow, but, I can sure get turned around. fingers crossed

I used a skinny strip roll for the sashing

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  1. That looks both fun and interesting.

  2. Dart may not have been the best choice for social sewing, Maggie. Hoping it didn't give you too much trouble!

  3. Hope to see some Rhododendron blocks soon--you're getting there with this great prep! Love Dart but I get how you would have to concentrate! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.