Wednesday, March 30, 2022

snails trail blocks

I finished as many blocks as I could with the big pieces that were already cut. I was too lazy to cut more, so I started blocks over again with the smaller pieces.

I really, really like making snail trail. And I really really like using shirt plaids, so, this is a win, win for me. Sometimes I have to sew off the list for my sanity.

What I don't understand is how pieces go rogue on a 'block on board' accuquilt die. I use a whole piece of fabric for each block - up to 4. and I end up with some pieces running out sooner than others? I change out the pieces for a more scrappy block, but where are those misbehaving pieces?

We have had rainy cold days, but I saw a bit of blue sky again yesterday. daffodils are  blooming and I saw rhubarb peaking it's head up ever so slightly. It looks like mints are making a come back from winter, and I see green in the thyme. Spring is just around the corner. We have had snow in April, but it doesn't stay very long.

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Monday, March 28, 2022

16 patch

I wanted make a few 16 patch blocks from my 2 1/2 inch squares. I made several colors last year as part of the color block challenge with Debbie Brown. But, I didn't make black. I took my squares with me to our guild's open sew Saturday and made a few blocks. When I was done I only had a a few left in the box, but, I have a whole drawer that hasn't been sorted yet. This year's quiltville leader/ ender challenge uses 2 1/2 in squares. Hopefully, that will reduce the drawerful.

 ugh -the bottom block will have to change

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Stash report March 27, 2022

 I have a few new fabric arrivals from Missouri star. So far, these have been on the approved list for this year. I knew I needed purple and orange and small print neutrals to fill in missing pieces. And when there is a sale....

5 yards - the 3 on the right are 108 in wide

Stash report  March 27, 2022

fabric added: 5 yards 

fabric added year to date: 26.75 yards

fabric used: 22 yards - 10 yards to goodwill - 12 yards shine finish

fabric used year to date: 116 yards 

89.25 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 6 days last week. It helped that I had a Saturday open sew with the guild. I am content with little bits of progress throughout the week. Still a whole day, is a lovely time for progress and friends. Our guild meets once a month on a Saturday.

I have started a new rug hooking project, even though, I have not finished friendsheep. I had time at home while my sheep rug was passed around. It is home with me now. but, I am in the decision phase. It is nice to have a project as a back up for time outs on my real project. This is a Halloween project that might actually be ready for Halloween this year. haha

spell bound

The snowflake is a magnet for holding my scissors.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

hole in the barn blocks

 note link star and crown as well and shine

I used some strings and crumbs and made yellow hole in the barn blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. This block really makes me smile. Winter is trying to make a comeback here, but, it won't last. Until then, these will perk up rainy days.

my red and aqua blocks here

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Friday, March 25, 2022

one monthly goal finish - shine

I have finished my March one monthly goal at elm street quilts by completing my Shine quilt. It is a free pattern at moda bakeshop. I started it as part of the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy in January 2020. I made one or two different color blocks each month for the year. It was a top in November. Now it is quilted and bound.

66 x 82 = 12 yards

I used leftover strips for the binding and machine sewed it on the front

 This was a great block and easy enough to do, and, it uses a jelly roll or 2 1/2 inch strips.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

star and crown blocks

I  love the yellow/gold colors of civil war reproduction fabrics. This month for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, I made 10 star and crown blocks as part of my ongoing project. I am making them using 2 inch strips. I am practicing better piecing with these blocks instead of rushing.

my aqua blocks 

I planted carrots and spinach in tubs on  our back porch. We have not planted this early before, so we will see.

oh scrap sunday

Monday, March 21, 2022

5 quilts march 21, 2022

 My 5 quilts progress report. my last 5 quilts report march 7, 2022

1. Rainbow scrap challenge - yellow/gold - I am catching up hunters star blocks in red and aqua and I am just about done, maybe 5 left to do.

This quilt is officially retired to the "to be quilted" closet
I used a random number generator and I will be opening the box for an older ufo called every which way by gigis thimble

3. rhododendren mystery - hunter -  all rhodo clue 6 is done. I have some cutting to do with clue 7 before I can begin to make block B

4.. basket blocks from 2014-  This quilt is officially sent to the "to be quilted" closet, too

 I used a random number generator for the next UFO to fill this spot- I had a box  of 9 patches that I had set aside to make disappearing 9 patches. I thought they were all the same size, but, they aren't even close. Most of these are scraps from the 90s and were given to me in a scrap bag.     

there are 21 with  4 1/2 in squares

5 or 6 with 3 inch and 5 inch squares

I took these to Friday sew and just cut them. I tried rearranging them, and I just don't like them, yet

5. use a jelly roll - Love jelly roll This is the 4th jelly roll used for the year. I am aiming for 12. I don't like making this 'simple' jelly roll quilt. It is the same process as adding borders only 4 each round. I like the look of it, but, not the slow construction. After Friday group sew I was ready to pitch it, but, I am setting a goal to just add one round at a time. It will take longer, but, I won't be bored with it.

5. Next on my UFO list is an older UFO from the 90s. I bought vintage blocks and was hand quilting them. It is time to unbox them and make decisions. I am not sure I can find everything to keep hand quilting them, so we will decide.

6. wonderland holiday runner - Christmas - I don't remember this so I will have to find the box and make more decisions

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet. I am not getting ahead on this. I now have 43 in my pile. I keep finishing UFOs on the 5 quilt list and then there are more in the 'to be quilted' closet....

1.. Christmas sparkle- on the frame - quilted  - trimmed- binding done - finished hooray

2. shine -on the frame - quilted  - trimmed

customer quilt time pause

3. bricks in the barnyard -found

4. tiger, tiger

5. EPP green

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

stash report March 20, 2022

I am not sewing for little ones any more so I am trying to reduce my kid friendly fabrics. I have these for sale on Etsy - spongebob here

3 yards

alphabet panel here

panel full alphabet

Stash report  March 20, 2022

fabric added: 0  yards 

fabric added year to date: 21.75 yards

fabric used: 3 yards- to goodwill

fabric used year to date: 94 yards 

75.25 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 5 days last week

My rug is back home with me, all done swapping , and ready to make decisions for borders and background. I really don't have a plan, yet.....

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

blossom time

It is Spring time in the sewing room. And I have planted radishes outside. hooray. I already had strips cut in yellow for blossom time and the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I just needed hsts  and squares cut. I ran out of stem and leaves and had to cut more to finish. And, now, I better make some ahead for the next color.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

baskets ufo top

This is One of the 5 quilts I am working to finish 

It was a buck a block from a store in Indy in 2014. I loved the colors and fabrics so much so that I bought the finishing kit, too. So, the monthly blocks were just the baskets. I am not sure why it has been an Ufo for so long, but, it needs finishing. I pressed and trimmed, and added the inner borders, and the outer border.

It is officially a top with a back and binding ready for the "to be quilted" closet. I need to change the name closet to vault. At least the quilts have each other for company.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


I have 5 quilts I am actively progressing on, but, every now and then, I slip in a few blocks for fun. I have been concentrating on my hunter's star blocks as leader/ enders. Each block takes 3 passes.

So, I have neglected my official leader / ender project -fish school/go fish. I have missed them. I did just a few so that they would not feel too abandoned.

go fish leader/ender challenge
The same with easy breezy....

I have been cutting  these in the rsc colors of the month. These are from reds, January.

easy breezy

I quick sent the HSTS through the machine for a couple of anvil blocks.

anvil blocks

oh scrap sunday

Monday, March 14, 2022

more scraps

 I have 5 quilts that I am actively trying to finish. But, sometimes scrap management becomes a priority. I started cutting a box of scraps a bit ago, and the mess was getting to me. Time to finish. A few TV shows later, I have strips and squares to use in another quilt.

I had previously blogged about 5 inch squares and they were 10 oz.

3 1/2 in = 9 oz

2 1/2 = 10 oz

2 and 1 1/2 in = 4 oz

Many of my favorite quilts are scrap quilts. And scraps are the same price per yard as any fabric. I don't know how it works but a scrap piece can make several more quilts than a regular yard of fabric. Well. at least pieces of a scrap keeps showing up in every quilt, and bag, and box. I am afraid to check under my pillow - there might be some hiding there.
2 lbs 1 oz = a little over 6 yards of fabric =$ 66.00 and several evenings of scrappy fun.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

stash report March 13, 2022

I slipped off the no buy wagon. But, these are on the approved list of small print neutrals. The charm pack was a free with purchase, I have to take them. haha  The largest piece is a 108 inch backing. It seems like a nice quality.

Stash report  March 13, 2022

fabric added: 8 yards  -Missouri star 

fabric added year to date: 21.75 yards

fabric used: 24 yards- sparkle finish 

fabric used year to date: 94 yards

72.25 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 6 days last week.

I still have not gotten my friendsheep rug back at rug hooking. The last one of my sheep is with Betty - she has had it for 3 weeks. She does tend to talk more than hook- LOL

Vivian's waiting for Pam

Valerie's - done

Jan's also waiting for Betty

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Sweet tooth candy blocks

I woke up one morning, and, I wanted to make noodles. That was odd. Who wants to make noodles when you can open a bag from the store. The house was quiet, and, I cracked open a few eggs and started. It was a very sentimental time, and filled my heart with love for all the really great women who had taught me how to make noodles. I first thought of my Mother, who has been gone for 20 years. I could see her unrolling those long noodles and she talked about her Mother teaching her. It was an art to my Grandmother's generation. Pat Burton, taught a Relief Society class at church when I was a young homemaker, making it look doable. And Linda Phipps had me come to her home, and we made them her way together.  I made them with my daughter, and we had a flour fight. But, I know she is not the type to make homemade noodles. I made them with my Granddaughters. They thought it was messy. haha. If I ask my children their favorite meal that they want me to make for them, they request chicken and noodles with homemade noodles.  I have an attachment for my kitchen aid mixer, but, I can do them so much better, the old fashioned way. A bowl, an egg, some flour, a rolling pin, and some sentimental thoughts.

I made some candy blocks for the month of March and the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy.

The yellow strings just lined up this way, all straight.

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Friday, March 11, 2022

Christmas sparkle finish

It is so exciting to finish this Christmas quilt early..... ok late. But, I am glad it is done and off all my lists. I found the pattern as a free Christmas sew along here. In March 2018, I was overwhelmed with piles of Christmas fabrics and I started cutting. This is one of the quilts I cut trying to use it and organize it. I didn't make it all go away, but, I did get it stored together.

I had it cut out January 2021

I started  the blocks march 2021

The blocks were big and I really liked these Christmas prints

It was a top April 2021

84 x84 = 24 yards

old Christmas prints for the back and free form swirl quilting

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