Monday, March 14, 2022

more scraps

 I have 5 quilts that I am actively trying to finish. But, sometimes scrap management becomes a priority. I started cutting a box of scraps a bit ago, and the mess was getting to me. Time to finish. A few TV shows later, I have strips and squares to use in another quilt.

I had previously blogged about 5 inch squares and they were 10 oz.

3 1/2 in = 9 oz

2 1/2 = 10 oz

2 and 1 1/2 in = 4 oz

Many of my favorite quilts are scrap quilts. And scraps are the same price per yard as any fabric. I don't know how it works but a scrap piece can make several more quilts than a regular yard of fabric. Well. at least pieces of a scrap keeps showing up in every quilt, and bag, and box. I am afraid to check under my pillow - there might be some hiding there.
2 lbs 1 oz = a little over 6 yards of fabric =$ 66.00 and several evenings of scrappy fun.


  1. Haha on scraps hiding under your pillow! I was just thinking yesterday that I should stop what I was doing (picking out scraps for friendship stars) and sort my yellow and blue scraps. They were so nice and neat when I started the sew-along, and now it is hard to find anything. I might just make that my priority today!
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!

  2. I've gotten out of the habit of cutting scraps while the iron is warming up. You definitely bit the bullet and have the pay off to show for it.

  3. It's amazing how many scrap quilt you can get from the scrap bins and still have scraps left over. But those scrap quilts are the most loved quilts! At least in this house.

  4. Great math! Really tells the story of scraps and why we should save and use them. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.