Wednesday, March 16, 2022


I have 5 quilts I am actively progressing on, but, every now and then, I slip in a few blocks for fun. I have been concentrating on my hunter's star blocks as leader/ enders. Each block takes 3 passes.

So, I have neglected my official leader / ender project -fish school/go fish. I have missed them. I did just a few so that they would not feel too abandoned.

go fish leader/ender challenge
The same with easy breezy....

I have been cutting  these in the rsc colors of the month. These are from reds, January.

easy breezy

I quick sent the HSTS through the machine for a couple of anvil blocks.

anvil blocks

oh scrap sunday

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  1. You're so organized! Congratulations on the progress you've made this week. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.