Sunday, March 27, 2022

Stash report March 27, 2022

 I have a few new fabric arrivals from Missouri star. So far, these have been on the approved list for this year. I knew I needed purple and orange and small print neutrals to fill in missing pieces. And when there is a sale....

5 yards - the 3 on the right are 108 in wide

Stash report  March 27, 2022

fabric added: 5 yards 

fabric added year to date: 26.75 yards

fabric used: 22 yards - 10 yards to goodwill - 12 yards shine finish

fabric used year to date: 116 yards 

89.25 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 6 days last week. It helped that I had a Saturday open sew with the guild. I am content with little bits of progress throughout the week. Still a whole day, is a lovely time for progress and friends. Our guild meets once a month on a Saturday.

I have started a new rug hooking project, even though, I have not finished friendsheep. I had time at home while my sheep rug was passed around. It is home with me now. but, I am in the decision phase. It is nice to have a project as a back up for time outs on my real project. This is a Halloween project that might actually be ready for Halloween this year. haha

spell bound

The snowflake is a magnet for holding my scissors.

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  1. I like those new fabrics. I am looking forward to seeing that Halloween project.

  2. Enjoy your rug stitching today! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Friendsheep rug... no pressure!

  3. Pretty fabric! Nice to have multiple projects to work on! :)

  4. A solid day of sewing with friends is always a great motivator. Congrats on all the progress so far this year.

  5. Drooling over the pumpkin batik....

  6. Pretty new orange fabrics! It's nice to spend time quilting with friends.