Sunday, March 6, 2022

stash report March 6, 2022

 There is no change in fabric count this week. I  started cutting yellow scraps for my ongoing rainbow scrap challenge.

L-R: go fish, stash buster, easy breezy

Stash report  March 6, 2022

fabric added: 0 yards  

fabric added year to date: 3.75 yards

fabric used: 0 yards

fabric used year to date: 70 yards

66.25 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 6 days last week.

I have started spinning one Sunday a month. The idea was to decide if it was time to let this hobby go, including all the stuff that goes with it. I have a better chance of that happening, if, I don't start spinning. Because, now, I like it again.... a lot.

Last year, I took my bags of carded wool and started combining them into colors I might like together. This is one of them. It is mostly merino wool.

There was only 8 ounces. 

I couldn't wait to spin it all to see how it would look. I made a small skein for fun. I still have a bit more to do.

it looks a little washed out here

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  1. Lovely yellow scraps, I love the golden one with leaves, very pretty. I love the merino wool colors you combined too, soft and sweet.
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up ;)

  2. Oh, so pretty. I have never done any spinning. I bet it is a treat to use that yarn!

  3. Isn't that just the way. You think you are done with a particular craft and then poof you love it again. I have always wanted to learn how to spin, but I have so many, many other crafts that I can't add another right now. Your yarn is beautiful.

  4. A nice bunch of yellow scraps for your RSC. And a nice handspun skein, too!!! I haven't spun in quite awhile. I don't want to give it all up though. One Sunday a month is an interesting idea...

  5. Oh how fun! So many ideas, so little time!
    I have often admired the spinners when I see them demonstrating their craft, but I just can't fall in love with one more thing!

  6. That yarn is so pretty! Do you have plans for it?

  7. The wool is pretty. I feel you on the letting hobbies go. I have at least one too many, but love them all.

  8. You've been busy. Lots of useable yellow scraps and some very pretty yarn. Any thoughts as to what you might make from the yarn?