Wednesday, April 13, 2022

5 quilts April 13, 2022

My 5 quilts progress report. My last report April 4th

1. Rainbow scrap challenge - pink - I made waffle stamp blocks in yellow for March, yes March. I was behind making these.

2. Every which way- I added one border with fabric from the box and this one is officially sent to the "to be quilted" vault 

3. rhododendren mystery - hunter -  I have all the block B finished- Next, I need to make setting triangles with the hourglasses.

4. Love jelly roll This is the 4th jelly roll used for the year. I am aiming for 12. I have added the last round of fabric to this quilt and I am calling it done. it is 48 x50. It will make a great donation quilt. Spring is here and it is either raining or windy. I will piece a back and prepare the binding and it will go into the vault to wait it's turn for quilting. 

5. DSP9-  I had a box of 9 patches that I had set aside to make disappearing 9 patches. The top is together, but, I didn't think to plan the 2 sides that are without the print fabric - decision time.

5. wonderland holiday runner I used a random number generator for this older UFO - I need to find it and see what it needs

I have added Boho heart back into the list for 5 quilts or it won't get made.

We found this lovely lavender colored flower next to our tulip tree. Does anyone know what it is?

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet. I am not getting ahead on this. I now have 42 in my pile.

customer quilt time pause

1. bricks in the barnyard -found - back- binding - 

customer quilt time pause

2. tiger, tiger

3. EPP green

4. lotus flower? my notes say it is in the upstairs 

5.    blue ridge beauty

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  1. The flower is called scilla. It's a bulb so I suspect a squirrel planted it next to your tree. You're making great progress on your wips but not on quilting so I guess you need to switch sometime soon? I love how organized you are and no matter what you decide, I'm sure you'll make amazing progress next week too! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  2. You have lots of beautiful quilts in various stages of making. I really like the every which way and disappearing nine patch quilts.

  3. Wow, lots of fun projects. I haven't started my RSC quilt but am happy to say I finished my Rhododendron top and now need to quilt it. Happy quilting!