Wednesday, April 27, 2022

zip it up

 I started a new block, recently, called Zipper. I saw it on sane, crazy crumby quilts, and, she referred to Klein meisje quilts

I wasn't sure I was going to start sewing these this year, but, I couldn't resist. I cut the pink for April's rsc color. And, the next thing I know, I am sewing them.

I have been cutting scraps for stashbuster block from Border Creek Station Pattern Company, but, this is my first block. The idea is to make 1 each week. I guess I am behind.

I spent a little time harvesting weeds. I have peppermint, viola, dandelion leaves and flowers and wild chives. I hope to get them on the dehydrator racks soon. The box made me smile. I only meant to cut the chives, but the dandelions were so pretty and the violas were growing with the dandelions.

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  1. I've printed the pattern but I don't know if this will happen this year. I want to concentrate on using 2" strips in 2022. Thanks for the info though, happy stitching!!

  2. That box of flowers makes me smile too! What a wonderful dried bouquet they will make. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.