Friday, May 6, 2022

5 quilts May 6, 2022

 my last 5 quilts progress report April 25, 2022

1. Rainbow scrap challenge - green-  I made 7 candy blocks. This makes 35 blocks in rainbow colors for this quilt. I am aiming for 56. I like making them and it uses the smallest pieces, so it is a new favorite.

2. rhododendren mystery - hunter -   I need to cut 1 inch squares for cornerstones in garnet. yuk

3. Boho heart - I am working on section 1- the farthest left section. It is squirrelly to put together. I have to take a break when it gets too confusing. When I come back, it makes more sense. I did this at our guild's open sew where I had room to lay it out and see what I was doing.

4.. maple leaves - I am still adding sashing to each block. I thought the darker colors would be fun pops of color, but, they stand out in the picture a little too much. I decided I would turn a few leaves the wrong way, too. Just for fun.

5.. fair and square - I have the framing around the blocks, and I have sewn the string triangles, into 20 sets of 4. 

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet.  As I am finishing old UFOs, the number is growing.

1. tiger, tiger

customer quilt time pause

2. EPP green

customer quilt time pause

3. lotus flower? my notes say it is in the upstairs 

4. blue ridge beauty

5. scrappy twirl

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  1. You are busy. Great job. I love the Boho Heart pattern and sure yours will be lovely.

  2. Is there a pattern or tutorial for the candy blocks? I love them! Boy do I have itty bitty pieces of fabric laying around!

  3. Way to use those smallest of green scraps. Love your Boho heart. You are making great progress.

  4. You'v been very busy! Great job, you already have some green complete!!!

  5. You always make such great progress on your wips. I love watching them all come together.

  6. One pile growing and the other shrinking.Lots of pretty projects, thank you again for linking up to Put your foot down.