Monday, May 23, 2022

hunters star in green

Next, for my rainbow scrap challenge projects, is my Hunter's star blocks. This month the color is sage green and forest green. My other blocks are brighter than that, so, I found scraps that were as close as I thought I could go. I use the accuquilt dies to cut the pieces. All the pieces are on one die. I can put a large enough piece on the die in the print and the background and have all the pieces cut that I need for a set of blocks.

I had never tried this classic block because it looked complicated. And when I tried sewing, I realized why. Have you ever sewn pieces like this? haha - they look like spaceships. The accuracy of the pieces are great.

Pressed they look a little more like useable quilt pieces.

I still need to make the reverse pieces, but, that is for another time.

Kroger had a sale on pork roast. I canned pulled pork last week. It may not look pretty, but, it will be yummy when we need a quick meal. It will be shelf stable for a year or more.

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  1. That piecing does look complicated...I've never made a hunter's star!

  2. I've had that die for a couple of years and need to use it. I have just gotten back into canning. I've never canned meat before. How did you can your pork roast? Did you add any seasonings?

  3. Die-cut would certainly help with that tricky piecing. Hunter's Star is one of those blocks that people try to "build a better mousetrap" for. I know that the rapid-fire ruler (Studio 180) is another method. I can't / don't can so I admire those of you who do!

  4. Haha those do look like space ships but they do make pretty little pieces. I've never tried canning meat, but yours looks delicious!
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  5. Pulled pork is so yummy! Loving your green blocks. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.