Saturday, May 28, 2022

star and crown blocks

I started the green blocks for star and crown a little late this month for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I only have 4 of them done, but, the other 4 are cut and ready to go. I need to dig out some background scraps. I am running low on those fabrics.

I did 2 zipper blocks as leader/enders. I need to cut some solids. Finding scraps in print fabric isn't hard, but solids are not something I use very often. I have been through the 2 inch drawers and have pulled as many as I could find. It is time to actually cut, actual fabric.

Carrots were 97 cents a bag at Kroger this week so I bought, and canned. I used pints now that we are mostly just the two of us.

 Our supply of peanut butter was Jiff and was part of the recall, and we had eaten some of it. The interesting thing I discovered, was the best buy date was May 12 2022. And I bought it at sam's club a month ago. I am guessing it sat at the port on a container ship for awhile. So check new food you buy for dates.

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  1. Pretty blocks Maggie.
    Inever canned so I am very interesting to know how do you canned the carrots.

  2. You have been quite prolific this week, stitching RSC blocks and dealing with those carrots, well done!

  3. Your green blocks are lovely, such a pretty pattern. I also love the zipper blocks, too bad to have used all your scraps ;))
    Well done with the canned veggies!
    Thanks for sharing, and linking up ;)

  4. The green star blocks are so vibrant! Love how the plus stands out.

  5. Your Star and Crown blocks are so pretty! Those carrots look pretty good, too.

  6. Such pretty blocks! Love the Star and Crown. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.