Wednesday, June 8, 2022

5 quilts June 8, 2022

My last 5 quilt progress report May 30

1. Rainbow scrap challenge - blue- I am working on the rainbow scrap challenge colors that I didn't sew during the past months. waffle stamp blocks require the 1/12 inch block centers that have to be pieced ahead, before I can put them together. I did make the candy blocks in blue.

2. rhododendren mystery - hunter -   I finally cut the 1 inch squares I needed for the mystery quilt.

3. Boho heart - The first section on the left is together. Time to make a few blocks for the next section.

4. maple leaves - I am slowly assembling the maple leaves quilt. I have 4 rows together.

5. fair and square - Everything is ready for the assembly. I did get this far.

And 3 easy breezy blocks

MY  next on the longarm of my own quilts in the 'to be quilted' closet.  No progress on this part of my goals for May or June.

1. tiger, tiger

customer quilt time pause

2. EPP green

customer quilt time pause

3. lotus flower? my notes say it is in the upstairs 

4. blue ridge beauty

5. scrappy twirl

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  1. Busy girl! Nice fair and square. I can spot a Bonnie quilt a mile away!!

  2. Scrappy progress, Maggie! I really like Fair and Square.

  3. Love that Fair and Square! Thanks for sharing it and your other wips on Wednesday Wait Loss.