Monday, June 6, 2022


I still need to catch up a few green projects from May. These star and crown blocks are now finished. I had them cut, but, couldn't get them together for May. The choices for green reproduction fabrics was easy. I have plenty. And June's color is blue, and I have plenty of those as well.

We are growing our potatoes in buckets this year. The idea was to extend the garden a little, and, maybe, it will work to dump the bucket instead of digging them. We will see if we like this experiment when we harvest. But, they seem to be doing well. Some years we have a good harvest, and, some years, the critters beat us to them. Maybe buckets will at least give them a harder time.

happy potatoes

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  1. Great blocks for RSC! Looking forward to your blues! The potatoes look like they're being VERY successful!

  2. Love those blocks! The year my youngest daughter was born I had a nice garden going and then by July the grasshoppers had moved in due to the drought we were having. They ate my potato plants to just bare stems. But my dad came to visit and he dug up some potato plants - surprisingly finding LOTS of small potatoes flourishing anyway. Must be a hardy plant.

  3. It's so interesting to see the different blocks that people choose. I really like yours!

  4. With the strong contrast of color + white they look like starbursts!

  5. I like your Star and Crown blocks! What a neat idea to grow your potatoes in buckets. I've tried potatoes a few times and never had much luck with them, so keep us posted - I might try something like that next spring.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  6. Such happy green blocks! Love the Crown pattern. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.