Saturday, June 18, 2022

hole in the barn

I really like making these blocks and see another quilt in my future. I am making this as part of the  rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. This month is blue. I am never at a loss for blue scraps. They multiply while I am asleep. I also do not have a shortage of strings and crumbs, so, a perfect combination.

I made bone broth and decided to can it rather than freeze it. To finish the canner load I canned navy beans, too. We opened a recently canned ham and bean quart to test it. It was delicious, but, not enough for everybody. I will have to plan to open two jars for a meal.

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  1. Very cute Hole in the Barndoor blocks. These will look great all together in a quilt.

  2. Good thinking on using strings AND crumbs for these blocks, Maggie!!

  3. What a great use for tiny pieces. Those blocks look great! Going to make a fun quilt. I can see why you're enjoying making them so much.