Sunday, June 5, 2022

stash report June 5, 2022

I found this in a box on my desk, and, I don't know if I have counted it in yet. I don't think so.

There is orange and purple batiks and a white jelly roll and lots of surprises.

 Stash report  June 5, 2022

fabric added: 5 yards 

fabric added year to date: 60 3/4 yards  

fabric used: 0 yards 

fabric used year to date: 130 yards 

70 1/4 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 4 days last week. And I made a little progress

I have some hand stitching to do on my friendsheep rug, but, I have to trim and press first. I haven't gotten to that yet, But, I did put another rug on the stand, that I can work on slowly in the mean time.

I started it here in March while I was waiting for my sheep rug to finish with the other swappers. I have been adding legs and feet and a barrel. She is a fun little witch.

maybe by halloween?

I bought a yellow peony 2 years ago and this is the first bloom. I was afraid she was not happy here. She was ready a little after Memorial day, The pink peony was a little late too. 

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing that entire witch. Her stockings look great. Your peony is pretty.

  2. What a cute rug that's going to be! Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.