Sunday, July 31, 2022

stash report July 31, 2022

I loved this halloween bundle called Old Made and I finally found a sale price I could live with the price. I am so excited to include it in my plans. I always need neutrals. It is amazing how fast they are used up to the smallest scrap.

old made halloween bundle

Stash report  July 31, 2022

fabric added: 8 yards
fabric added year to date: 76 1/4 yards 

fabric used: 4 3/4 yards

fabric used year to date: 134 3/4 yards  

58 1/2 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 4 days last week. 

I have a little more done on my witch rug which I started here in March.

I am getting close to starting the moon.

 This is the first year our nasturtiums are really taking off. I use the flowers and leaves for skin care. I need to harvest almost every day. Luckily, they are just out the back door. They are edible, too, but are spicy hot.

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Saturday, July 30, 2022

last purple rsc saturday

This is the last Saturday for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I spent the week finishing what I needed in purple for my rainbow projects. And, I am ready for the new color.

I had a few blue waffle stamp blocks

purple zipper

hunters star

star and crown

And it is sweet corn yummy season here. Our favorite farmer has his stand open and we are loving his corn. We grew a bit but it isn't ready. But it is time to sit out with a bee bee gun and protect it from the critters haha

Thursday, July 28, 2022

guild meeting

We had a great quilter at our guild meeting this week. I feel bad that I didn't catch her first name but her last name was Roach from Bloomfield Indiana. She has had quilts in Houston and Paducah and has won awards. I can see why  I don't think my pictures are great but still worth sharing.

BY the time she was done, I was wondering why I have been quilting. I am usually a little intimidated with fancy quilting. But, I do it because I love to piece. She works as hard at the design process as the piecing. I would rather spend my time piecing. The top to me, is immaterial. I enjoy a finished quilt, but I just want to tinker in my sewing room. She said her motivation was to see if she could do new techniques, and, she certainly can. I like challenges, and surprise myself. But, at the end of the day, I want time to sew fabric together, free of pressure and constraints. Will I be sorry that I don't make quilts that make others ooo and ahhh? probably. I told my husband I would like to be a bit more intentional with my projects, at this point. Maybe, not be so willy nilly with starting new little projects that keep growing. So, what did I do? I ordered a new pattern - geesh. just keep sewing.  What keeps you quilting?

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Monday, July 25, 2022

this and that

When it is time to sort the projects and clean up after myself, I find bits and pieces that I can not resist sewing together. I evidently missed a purple zipper for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy.

zipper and easy breezy

And, the snails trail are ready to start over with such cute and quick little pieces, and, boom, I have started another round of snail trail blocks.

but no, I tore the name off the package when I planted them. 

We have a new green bean we are trying this year, and, it is fun and yummy. It grows purple and cooks green. It tastes great, too.

our swiss chard, zuchinni, and green beans

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

stash report July 24, 2022

 I have added a few more charm packs that were a great sale price. I think 2 were mystery packs and they will be fun.

Stash report  July 24, 2022

fabric added: 4 yards
fabric added year to date: 68 1/4 yards 
fabric used: 0 yards 

fabric used year to date: 130 yards 

62 3/4 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 6 days last week. I missed my Friday group so I didn't get as much done.

I have a little more done on my witch rug which I started here in March.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

sweet tooth

Every color of candy is my favorite after I make them. All the purple sweet tooth blocks are finished for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I am thinking that I have too many rainbow scrap projects. I am struggling at the end of the month to get them all done. But, I really like them all. Maybe next year I will exercise a little more sense.

This is one of the planters by our back door. I planted the yarrow and the little pansy. The rest of what is growing are volunteers from last year. I didn't know petunias would volunteer. What a lovely surprise.

Friday, July 22, 2022

crown blocks

 I finished the blue star and crown blocks from the June rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I was a bit behind and dawdled finishing. I have at least cut the purple blocks for the July blocks, but, haven't started them.

We have had a good rain this week and milder heat ( 89 instead of 90) The garden appreciates it. We had a small batch of beans, and Indiana corn is on the corners everywhere, 7.00 a dozen here. Last year it was 5.50 a dozen. and when we started our family it was 1.00 a dozen ... good times.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

snails pace

I added 2 rounds to these 6 snail trail blocks. All I have to do is open the drawer, and I want to sew more. They are so lovely to work on, and turn out so nice. I may have to stick this project in a box and send it to the UFO closet, if, I want to finish up other projects.... but, what will I do for fun?

round 1

round 2

round 2

Orange juice was on sale last week, so I canned a few pints. We don't drink it much, but there are recipes that call for a little bit of orange juice for flavor, and, I typically have to buy it in advance and fuss with leftovers.

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

stash report July 17, 2022

 I added fabric this week. Just a little bit with charm packs. I have a weakness for charm packs. They are small but, mighty with a great assortment. Just like scraps. 

Stash report  July 17, 2022

fabric added: 3 1/2 yards
fabric added year to date: 64 1/4 yards  

fabric used: 0 yards 

fabric used year to date: 130 yards 

66 3/4 yards used more than bought. 

I sewed 6 days last week. I wanted to catch up with my rainbow scrap challenge projects

I have a finish to show of my friendsheep rug, that was part of a group exchange. I dawdled with the finishing. But I am thrilled with it and the memories it represents.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022


ummm - no! Should I fix it? haha

Why, yes, yes,  I should. Some days are vexing. I ran out of bobbin thread too! But, July's purple hole in the barn blocks are finished for the  rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I have a growing stack of blocks. I know we haven't done orange. What other colors?

Still trying to organize the pantry. I have dehydrated older tomatoes and beans I found buried. They take up less room this way and it prolongs the shelf life. I will still want to put these at the front to use first. I can make soup mixes in a jar with the beans, since they will now rehydrate quickly, instead of soaking regular beans and cooking them all day. The tomatoes we bought scratch and dent, and they didn't have labels. That can be a pain to figure out what I have. Now, I have them out of the weird cans and labeled.

Friday, July 15, 2022

my ironing pad

One of my favorite quilting helpers is this little rolling 3 drawer plastic unit. It rolls underneath my table when not in use. I have an ironing pad and a wool pressing mat on top, and, it is to the left of me when I sew. I can turn and iron very easily anything I want to iron. I have had it for years.

The bottom drawer is a small file for patterns and instructions and notes. It needs a good cleaning. I am sure there are things from the dinosaur age still in there.

The second drawer is for thread, but, it became a catch all for all thread and anything else without a home

And the top drawer is where orphan HSTS rest.

I don't think I could sew without it. For, one thing, I keep the top cleaned off. I can't say that about any other flat surface at the moment.

The rose of sharon is blooming again. It had gotten out of hand last year, so, I cut it back almost to the ground. I was afraid it wouldn't recover. The hibiscus flower is a favorite of bees and hummingbirds and makes a great tea. It has anti- inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and helps with cholesterol. It is full of vitamin C. And, obviously, you can't kill it.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

blossom time

I finished the purple blossom time blocks for July and the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. Since, we are nearing the end of all the colors I want to use, I find I am constantly recutting and sewing the 4 patches in the flowers, and the stems. When I started I had several of each  ready to go from the first time I worked on this quilt. I have 84 blocks and think I want 140.

We have a yellow garden thing going along the driveway- daylillies and coreopsis. I just recently learned that you can make a syrup with the daylily flowers. I am drying coreopsis for tea. It is great for diarrhea ( I have no experience with that) and helps to control blood sugar. 

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Monday, July 11, 2022

wedding ring blocks

 I snuck in some sewing of blocks and pieces that are not part of my 5 quilt or rainbow quilting goals. I have a few projects with cut pieces that I like to sew every now and then for fun.

wedding ring

snails trail

We have our first black blackberry. Last year we covered the bush with net, and had a great harvest. I thought why take it off if we will cover it again next year. Now, I know why. Most of the new growth came right through the netting and set berries before we noticed. If we pull it through now we will lose the berries. so, it is a race to get them before the critters.

first berry is always the best