Friday, July 1, 2022

time to clean

It's time to clean up around my sewing machine. I just can't pile anything else there. Since I am trying to be deliberate about it. I am sorting, and ... being distracted by little projects that are not done yet. I found these zipper parts that just needed the outside sewn to the centers.

I found all the pieces for this wedding ring block. I am surprised there wasn't something missing.

And this is just the beginning.

I harvested my first bunch of carrots. I had tried carrots many years ago and was very disappointed how they grew here ( we have hard soil). I decided to try again this year, and I am delighted. They are so cute.

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  1. I totally get that!!
    and what fun little projects you are moving forward with!

  2. Look at those carrots - yum! It's amazing what you found while cleaning up ar outdoor the cutting board, too. Those zipper blocks sure are cute!